unboxing history

History of Unboxing

Unboxing is the process of new product’s unpacking particular advanced technologies for sale online.

The process is very simple as it will just be captured through a video and the owner of it will upload it later on. There are people who consider its popularity as a practice because of the fact that it has the ability to show what exactly without any restrictions or adulteration to be exact on the product. It is one of the main reasons why many people are getting encouraged to show products through Unboxing. But how does the history of unboxing start and why it is now a popular strategy for selling products? Here you’ll know the story behind Unboxing’s popularity.



Started in November 2004  of opening a Nintendo DS box


The practice of unboxing is actually the documentation of the opening of a packaged product which is literally the word described as unpacking. It started in November 2004 through an article that shows the topic of opening a specific product of Nintendo DS box and more in the following years. The very first article for unboxing which has a big impact on people has its title of “Unpacking the Xbox 360”. This is an article at Joystiq in year November 16, 2005. People who have been curious about what the article is all about are able to know why its spread of popularity also became epic.



November 16, 2005 Unpacking the Xbox 360 by Joystiq


During the month of February in year 2006, an individual named Josh Bancroft who is a user of flicker came up with an idea of uploading series of photos of unboxing to feature his own new MacBook Pro in online platform. In the following month, was registered by Gear Live which is a high-technology life style blogging site. It is in the Gear Live where the videos and photos for unboxing the devices and new gadgets are first featured clearly. The first videos and photos that have been featured in the unboxing is a Nokia E61 and this was shared in YouTube. The uploaded unboxing videos and photos are shared by none other than YouTube UnBoxedIt.



The first video shared on Youtube is a Nokia E61


On the other hand, the first definition of unboxing was also added to the Urban Dictionary during 2008 and the first day of the month of February. The collection of photos and videos of Unboxing also appeared to popular sites including the CNET, Wired and the Mashable. Because of this, unboxing is on its way of popularity for showcasing gadgets and their effective features after receiving the product in a box. Even newspapers have shown the trend of seeing unboxing videos and photos as well as some blogs and articles showing the essence of unboxing to the media. News sites, including Gizmodo, Wall Street Journal and Independent have included the topic of Unboxing on their news’s FrontPage during month of December in year 2006.


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 01.32.35

First definition of UNBOXING in Urban Dictionary on February 01, 2008


Unboxing videos and photos became really interesting for many people from year 2004 until these days. In fact, it even appeared on social media including Tumbler and Twitter which many people got the chance to know the trend of unboxing online. These are some of the historical background that shows why Unboxing became one of people’s way to show many of available technologies in the market.

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