How to make unboxing videos

How To Make Unboxing Videos

6 tips to make your unboxing video perfect

You may have seen unboxing videos before and now you are ready to become a star in making your own videos, right?
You came to the right place – are experts in unboxing video making and will give you 6 very important tips to consider before making your own unboxing video.

Know your product

Know your unboxing product

TIP number 1 – the first tip for your unboxing video is to study beforehand, analyse, research. You will become an expert (if you are not one already) along the way. Viewers will love you for knowing your game!

Yes, this is not a surprising tip, but this one is really important. Imagine that you need an advice in certain topic, let’s say gardening. Of course you turn to the person who you think has the greenest, luscious garden. This person might be great at giving you the right advice for your problem in gardening. The same goes with unboxing videos – viewers love Vlogers who really know what they are talking.
Popular products

New and popular unboxing products get views

TIP number 2 – If you have an access to the latest product make sure to film an unboxing video and you are one step closer to be a star Vloger.

There is no surprise that newly released product gets viewed way more than a product that has been around for quite some time. For example if you just got a brand new “iPhone 7” make sure to be quick to film an unboxing video for your friends and viewers. This is the way to instantly get major number of traction and likes. Your new “iPhone 7“ unboxing will be way more interesting than the old iPhone, and will get searched a lot.
Unboxing process

Show the unboxing process

TIP number 3 – make sure to show how your parcel looks, how it is packed and then open it for your viewers.

Let’s talk about key unboxing video parts. The first and the most important part of unboxing video is opening your package/box and showing what you just got for your viewers. They love to see how big is the box, how well your product is packed, how long did it take for package to arrive to you, and how easy was the shopping experience for you.

Show the product

Show the unboxing product

TIP number 4 – show your product in every angle possible.

You have just opened the package and saw what is inside, let’s uncover what is left – remove all additional packaging and show the product. After all this is why your video has been clicked. Hold your freshly unboxed product in your hands, turn around and show how does it look like in different angles, make sure to light your place so it be seen. Tell everyone how does it feel it in your hand, if it’s comfortable; how the material looks like opposed your expectations and reality.

Demo, Demo, Demo of unboxing

TIP number 5 – demo it!

After all the studying, shipping and delivery time and unboxing anxiety it is time to try out your item. Demo the product, use it to see if it works as expected, test every feature you know and tell how the product handles it. Bring it on!
Opinion matters

Opinion matters of what you unboxing

The final TIP for you is show of your knowledge, after all smart is the new sexy.

Know it’s time to show off yourself and tell everyone everything you have studied, analysed. Tell everything you know and what made you to purchase the item; maybe there are some specs that you believe are the most important, or you have owned a similar item – then tell your initial thoughts about what makes these items similar and what distinct one from another. The viewer will be very happy with your expert insights, after all you have something he is dreaming to have.Your opinion really matters.

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