Top 5 Christmas gifts for tech guys

TOP 5 Christmas unboxing gifts for tech guys

TOP 5 Christmas unboxing gifts for techie guys

With holiday season approaching we all are thinking of perfect gifts to surprise our loved ones. We wish to show our love and affection, and fulfil at least a tiny fantasy of the friends who are so close to us. But how to surprise technology loving guys who seem to have everything? selected TOP 5 gifts for tech guys which will make them jump for joy. Pick the item, watch an unboxing video and decide if this is the surprise your friend will love.

5. Xiaomi Ninebot mini

Segway as a gift? Why not! Xiaomi a well known Chinese company just released self-balancing scooter which is working as a personal transporter. By just standing up and balancing you control the movement front and back. The more you lean forward the quicker the scooter drives, if you lean backward – scooter reduces speed or even stops.

With Ninebot mini you can travel 13.6 miles (22 kilometres) at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour (15 kilometres per hour) and weights only 28 pounds (12 kilograms). Moreover, device can be controlled over smartphone and track journeys.

If you think it is crazy expensive – you are wrong. It costs only around $ 300, which is 20 times less than the original Segway.

To know If your loved one will enjoy riding with the Ninebot mini – watch this unboxing video:

4. DJI Phantom 3

Drones. If your friend is techie you may have heard so much about drones. It seems that this is the thing all technology loving guys want to have or already do, and if they don’t have it – they want to talk about having it. Sounds familiar? If so, keep reading.

In the huge variety of drones question arises “Which is the best one?”. team says – DJI Phantom 3, which consists of 3 drones to choose from – Standard, Advanced & Professional.
They all come armed with camera, flying device and controller, but the difference in all 3 is the video quality or the ease of control. The device can be tracked and controlled over the smart devices too.

We are sure that DJI Phantom 3 is the greatest for drones loving friend, but to know more please check this unboxing video:

3. PlayStation 4 with Star Wars Battlefront

This gift is for gaming and Star Wars fans out there. Oh, and we know there are so many, ourselves included.
So what is so magical about this combo? Because it includes two most popular items right noe – the best (considerably) gaming console and Star Wars themed intense game “Battlefront”, which has rocked the gaming charts and received highest reviews. With the new “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” movie coming the hype is growing so you will not miss with this gift to surprise your loved one.

Watch this unboxing video to know more about this magical set for gamers:

2. Sony a7s II

Does your friend loves photography? This is the best camera to make the highest quality photos and HD videos.

Sony a7s II is a mirrorless camera, this is the next big thing in the professional photo camera industry. The device became so much lighter and convenient to carry around, has built-in stabiliser due to which the photos and videos will never be out of focus. Nonetheless, it makes impressive quality production, and one of the amazing features is working in difficult lighting conditions.
While filming at night camera can make it look like it is broad daylight, sounds crazy, right?

To know more about this amazing camera – watch this unboxing video:

1. iPad Pro

What is so special about the new iPad Pro you keep hearing about?

Well, without a doubt this crazy new device is aiming at changing people lives, or at least their view to tablet functionality. The tablet is incredibly powerful, and is super big – it carries 12.9-inch screen, 0,9 inch bigger than the Macbook (12-inch). With such specs the device is as powerful as Macbook Air computer with a huge screen to work on. Additionally with Apple Pencil you can write and work on designs, play or write with the Smart Keyboard. It really looks like the new computer your techie friend would be thrilled to have.

To know If your loved one will enjoy using iPad Pro – watch this unboxing video:

This is our TOP 5 list for tech guys, and these are the items all of us would be stoked to get for the Christmas. You are such a great friend for even thinking of how to surprise your techie loved one, but just imagine the joy you will see when he or she unpacks the present.

If you think there is a gadget that must be included in this list – write us at

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