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Unboxing is unpacking of new products in front of camera, especially high-tech consumer products.
The video maker captures the process on video and later uploads it to the web.

This is roughly it, BUT... Unboxing trend is growing so fast -  video views have grown 57% over the past year, and uploads have grown more than 50%. It would take more than seven years to watch all the videos on YouTube with "unboxing" in the title that have been uploaded so far just this year. And those videos have more than a billion views in this year alone.



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More views and attention

Being a video blogger Youtube allows to get revenue per video views and subscribers. But you know already that it is not easy to do. So you want to get more YouTube views - you’ve got the perfect unboxing video, title, tags and description ready. You have spent time promoting videos on your social media pages, but still not getting the views you wanted.
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It is possible to earn money by making unboxing videos. Youtube pays you from the share it earns from showing ads on your video. But you can get earn even more in UNBOXING.wiki when somebody buys the product you unbox. You only need to share custom affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products. You find a product you unbox, add affiliate link to create “BUY” button, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. The purpose of having links is because they are useful. They make purchasing much easier. If you are making unboxing videos, why not to earn money for the future purchases?

Get noticed by Brands

Brands need you as much as you need them.
As soon as you are making quality unboxing videos, have your audience - companies want you to unbox their products. Even before they are available to buy.
Would you want to get products before they are released? Have newest gadgets in your hands before anyone is able to get them in the stores?


Google Trends indicates phenomenal UNBOXING growth

Imagine 1 000 000 and then duplicate it by 12 - this is the number of UNBOXING videos uploaded online every year and they are growing by day. This internet phenomenon allows thousands of video makers to be seen, grow their audience and become famous. And not to mention millions and billions of shoppers around the world videos help to see the product without any advertising, exactly for what it is and to hear the first-hand impressions.
Just imagine how unboxing videos can help you to connect and grow your audience, and while doing that you can earn money. This is the power of unboxing.

Did you know Apple has a special ‘packaging’ room?

Apple has a secret secure room devoted to designing packaging and what users experience when opening a new product. In the room, employees perform opening boxes. A packaging designers spent months in the room opening hundreds of box prototypes trying to get the experience just right. For you!

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